About Scott

His Background


At 15, Scott injured his spinal cord while playing hockey. As a result, he is a quadriplegic and has no productive use of his hands. For years, he refused to paint because he did not want to paint by holding the brush in his mouth. Scott eventually gave in, and he immediately found that he deeply enjoyed the process of his expressing his emotions and feelings through paint.

His Medium


Scott tends to mainly utilize acrylic paint when trying to express his thoughts and emotions. He enjoys the flexibility of this medium that allows him to control the dry time, providing him with the ability to create texture and layers of color when the dry time is relatively quick and create a smooth transition of color when the dry time is longer.  

His Inspiration


Scott relies heavily upon his emotions when creating a painting. Oftentimes, his inspiration for a painting is simply a feeling of joy or sadness. He frequently relies on his personal experiences, as well. There are also those paintings that are conceived through anger or frustration yet, when completed, depict images of elation and peace.


If you are interested in buying one of Scott's ORIGINAL paintings, please contact him as soon as possible in order to ensure your acquisition. 

REPRODUCTIONS are also available for most paintings. If you're interested in a reproduction, expect a wait time of up to two weeks.

If you would like to COMMISSION Scott to create a specific piece, contact him and let him know what you would like. Although the subject matter, colors, and size are up to you, Scott will infuse his own style and interpretation into the piece.

The creation process

This is a brief sample of the many hours of work that it takes for Scott to create a painting. 

What people are saying about Scott

Debbie Booth

I am a teacher at a k-8 school and we had Scott come visit our school for an assembly. He was engaging with the student body and such a good speaker/presenter. What’s so wonderful is that Scott shares the joy and goodness that can come in the midst of the hard stuff.  

Mary Anderson-Jabs

Scott was commissioned to paint an original lavender scene for our Lavender Shoppe at our farm, Eagle Creek Lavender. I was very pleased that Scott was able to capture our lavender fields perfectly. When I heard Scott was painting a series of winter scenes, I contacted him to paint two original paintings, which I gave to my two daughters as Christmas gifts. Scott is talented beyond words and an inspiration to all who know him and his work;

Violet Pascoe

I own an original Scott Gearheart painting.  Every day it brings me joy, and, every day I see new meaning in it.  Scott has such great talent and is so humble about his abilities.  I have also attended his "Paint Night" party and found it exciting and illuminating.  

Becky HC

Scott Gearheart was a guest artist in my 3rd Grade classroom and led the whole class in a unique, memorable art experience! The students and myself were very touched by Scott's message about perseverance, of having a growth mindset, and about what a difference a positive attitude can make. My 3rd Graders were eager, engaged, and truly impacted by the paint by mouth activity!  

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